All of Our Oils Are Tested by a Third Party

Ask us about our broad spectrum of hemp oil in Barre, VT

Finding high-quality CBD can be difficult. You aren't sure what companies and products you should trust. When you shop at Hemp Mountain CBD in Barre, VT, you can feel confident you're getting clean, quality CBD. We have a massive selection of hemp oil products that are all created from our homegrown plants. Our products and plants are tested by third parties and independent labs. That means we're getting an unbiased opinion and review on every one of our hemp oil products.

We hold ourselves to a high standard so you can enjoy the best product possible. Visit our online CBD store today.

Why purchase our hemp oil?

CBD hemp oil is one of the easiest CBD products for your body to absorb. Typically, people put a drop of oil on their tongue, which allows your body to absorb the entire product. Our company is made up of farmers, and we know exactly how to produce reliable CBD products using organic ethanol. We go the extra mile when it comes to testing and creating our products.

We have different hemp oil concentrations available. If you have any questions about our hemp oil products, please contact us at 802-723-0297 today.